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Dealing with Death

An afternoon of tea, cookies and talking about death. Bring your own questions or take a card or two from the Death Deck to spark your thoughts.

From the obscure:  You have an incurable disease and tons of money; do you consider cryogenic freezing?

To the profound:  Describe what death means to you.

We work on being more comfortable with the uncomfortable. Ultimately, talking about death creates a stronger bond with life.

Whose Death Is It Anyways?

Preparing and planning for a death can create a lot of friction in a family. There’s a saying “funerals are for those left behind”.  But are they? What if your spiritual beliefs differ greatly from your loved ones? or you want to do things differently?

We talk about options and how to ensure that things go the way you want them to, even if you’re not here.

The Revival of Home Funerals

I share with you my personal experience in planning and creating home funerals. You don’t have to be a hippy to want a home funeral! Taking elements from traditional and modern funerals and rituals, it is possible to find a way to say goodbye that respects your beliefs and values.

To Embalm or Not to Embalm – That is the Question

I’ll give a quick history of embalming.  I’ll discuss why it was considered necessary at the time and whether it is still a good choice.

Cremation, green burials, donating to science – We’ll talk about all the possible ways we can lessen our environmental impact at death.

Don’t see a topic you want to know about? Let me know. We can create a workshop to cover the needs of your group or organization.