We plan, organise and prepare for so many events and important stages of our lives – birth, marriage, graduation, buying a home – yet we often overlook preparing for our death. I think we can all agree that death is not something to look forward to, but it is inevitable, and being prepared can provide comfort and relief – Not only for those dying but for their loved ones as well. It would be my great honour to help you and your loved ones find peace of mind and heart at end of life. Below is a listing of the services I offer. 

PLANNING | end of life ADVOCACY and support

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Are you looking for support to help navigate the perplexing maze of end of life care and planning? Working together, we will create a plan and a team to help ease the burden of this very difficult time.


When asked, the majority of Canadians state they would like to die at home. To make that a reality means being prepared and your support team needs to know how to best take care of you and honour your wishes. A comprehensive Advance Care Directive (ACD) will outline your wishes and needs for your end of life care. Through a series of phone calls, skype calls, email support, and/or in-person meetings, we will collaborate and create your Advance Care Directive. While we prepare your ACD, we will explore your beliefs and wishes and ensure that your end of life needs are clearly outlined. At the end of our collaboration, you will have a personalised Advance Care Directive as well as a clearer understanding of your values and desires for your end of life care. An Advance Care Directive is an act of love.


Do you want something different from the typical funeral service? Would you like to have your funeral service at home? There are many funeral alternatives that don’t need to follow the usual pattern of funerals today. Keeping a deceased loved one at home for viewing and services can provide deeply profound healing and help with grieving. Together, we will put a plan in place that will provide the end of life service that best suits you and your budget.


Don’t want to be embalmed? Does the idea of your body nourishing a tree appeal to you? A typical burial has environmental impacts. As stewards of this planet, it’s important that our death and burial reflect our values of respect and care for the planet. We’ll find the burial that best reflects your values.


Death is a difficult topic to talk about. It’s important to open up non-judgmental and safe discussion spaces to talk about death.

I provide workshops and webinars that cover a wide range of topics related to end of life and death. These group discussions are ideal for families, groups of friends or your work colleagues. Each workshop/webinar is designed to answer your questions and introduce you to information, and leave you feeling more comfortable with the idea of your death.  This is an empowering process that will ease some of the fears you may have about death.